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Effect of Sodium Selenite and Turmeric Powder on Growth Performance,Carcass Quality and Blood Antioxidant Metabolites of Heat Stressed Broiler Chickens

  1. Zeinali,  H. Kermanshahi, A.Riasi, H. Farhangfar, H. Sarir and H. Ziaie

(Global Veterinaria 6(3): 237-240)


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of selenium (Se) and turmeric powder (TP) on thyroid hormones and plasma lipids of chickens reared under heat stress condition. A randomized complete block design using 180 day-old chickens (Ross 308 strain) was applied incorporating six treatments [two level of sodium selenite (0.0, 0.3 mg /kg diet) and three level of turmeric powder (0, 5, 10 g/kg diet)]. The treatments were defined as T1= control diet, T2 = control diet + 5 g TP/kg, T3 = control diet + 10 g TP/kg, T4 = control diet + 0.3 mg Se/kg, T5 = control diet + 5 g TP/kg + 0.3 mg Se/kg and T6 = control diet + 10 g TP/kg + 0.3 mg Se/kg. Chickens were subjected to heat stress condition (35 C0) for two weeks (d 28 to d 42). The results showed that Levels of Se and TP had a significant (P<0.05) effect on T3 and T4 hormones concentration. Supplementation the diets with Se and (or) TP significantly decreased T3 hormone concentration, however the interaction of Se and TP was not significant. Interaction between Se and TP decreased plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentration. It was concluded that, in heat stress condition Se and TP could have a beneficial effect on health condition and plasma lipid of broiler chickens.

Key words: Birds, Antioxidants, Cholesterol, Thyroid hormaone

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