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Effects of feeding pistachio by-products silage on growth performance, serum metabolites and urine characteristics in Holstein male calves September 2012
Effects of long period feeding pistachio by-product silage on chewing activity, nutrient digestibility and ruminal fermentation parameters of Holstein male calves Spring 2014
Effects of heat shock during the early stage of oocyte maturation on the meiotic progression, subsequent embryonic development and gene expression in ovinen June 2014
Determination of nutritive value of unheated and heat processed grass pea seed for rumunant November 2014
Effect of feeding greater amounts of dietary energy for ashort-term with or without eCG injection on reproductiveperformance, serum metabolites and hormones in ewes July 2015
Effect of different levels of raw and heated grass pea seed (Lathyrus sativus) on nutrient digestibility, intestinal villus morphology and growth performance of broiler chicks Spring 2015
Effect of long-term or short-term supplementation of high energy orhigh energy-protein diets on ovarian follicles and blood metabolitesand hormones in ewes Fall 2015
Expression profile of FGF receptors in preimplantation ovine embryos and the effect of FGF2 and PD173074 Winter 2015
Effect ofessential oils and distillation residues blends on growth performance and blood metabolites of Holstein calves weaned gradually or abruptly Winter 2016
Performance and plasma concentration of metabolites in transition dairy cows supplemented with vitamin E and fat Summer 2016


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