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Reproductive Physiology

Reproductive Physiology (36355)

4 Credits; Lecture and lab based, Instructor: A. Riasi (email: and A. H. Mahdavi

Students will be exposed to learn anatomy of male and female organs of cattle, sheep, goat, horse and fowls. oogenesis, spermatogenesis, pregnancy, placentation, reproductive endocrinology, importance of artificial insemination and embryo transfer, reproductive problems in farm animals


Recommended Textbooks

Reproduction in Farm Animals, E.S.E. Hafez and B. Hafez, 7th edition

Reproductive Physiology, M. J. Zamiri, 3th edition (Persian language)



General Biochemistry (36285)


Grading Policy: 

The 66% of students' grades will be determined by A. Riasi.  

The 34% of students' grades will be determined by A. H. Mahdavi 


Teacher Assistants: 

M. Bagheri


 Fall Semester 2013

Sunday, 08-09:30 (Class # 5)

Tuesday, 08-09:30 (Class # 6)  

Lab: Tuesday, 13:30-17:30


Fall Semester

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی