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Designing and manufacturing a dual flow continuous culture system

This project is completed at Feb 2011 in Isfahan University of technology, Isfahan, Iran

In vivo, in situ and in vitro methods has been established to estimate fermentation and nutrient digestion by rumen microorganisms. The in vitro methods are more common because of their accuracy and repeatability. One of the most advanced, low cost and labour less in vitro methods is the Dual Flow Continuous Culture System which was described by Hoover et al. ( 1976 ). This system simulates the ruminal environment accurately and there is about 80% correlation between the results of this system and in vivo data.


The dual flow continuous culture system is used for:

  1- Ruminal microbial fermentation assays.

  2- Nutritional study with various feedstuff and different interaction.

  3- Factors may affect on microbial ecology, VFA production, microbial production, protein degradation rate in rumen.

  4- Study of chemical composition of liquid and solid phases flowed to the intestine and amino acids available for absorption.

  5- Using isotopes for nutritional studies.


The development and manufacturing of continuous culture system began on March 2010 under administration of        Dr. Ahmad Raisi (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran) and Technical Engineering of  En. S.M.Hadi Rahavi. 

After several revisions and corrections on the prototype, the System was completed. Also it passed the final proof test of 200 nonstop working hours.  The first phase which was the utilization of one unit of Intelligent Dual Flow  Continuous Culture system was finished on November 2011  and unveiled in the Isfahan University of  Technology.

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