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Advanced Physiology

 Advanced Physiology (36572)

3 Credits, Lecture based, Instructors: A. Riasi (email:

Students will be exposed to learn mechanisms which interact to control physiology in farm animals, cell physiology (including cellular electrophysiology), muscular and nervous physiology, cardiovascular physiology, pulmonary ventilation, renal physiology, digestive system, recent advance in digestive physiology. 

Recommended Textbooks

Animal physiology, L. Sherwood, H. Klandorf, P. Yancey. First edition, 2013

Duck’s Physiology of Domestic Animals, W. O. Reece et al., 13th Edition, 2015

Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology, 12th Edition, 2010



The students need to know general information about animal physiology and animal biology.


Grading Policy: 

The students' grades will be determined the letter grade only. 




 Fall Semester 2017

Saturday, 08-10 (Class # 1)

Wednesday, 13:30-15:30 (Class # 101)  






Fall Semester
Graduate (MSc)

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