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Lactation and reproductive performance of high producing dairy cows given sustained-release multi-trace element/vitamin ruminal bolus under heat stress condition March 2016
Performance and plasma concentration of metabolites in transition dairy cows supplemented with vitamin E and fat Summer 2016
Effect of essential oils and distillation residues blends on growth performance and blood metabolites of Holstein calves weaned gradually or abruptly Winter 2016
Expression profile of FGF receptors in preimplantation ovine embryos and the effect of FGF2 and PD173074 Winter 2015
Effect of feeding greater amounts of dietary energy for ashort-term with or without eCG injection on reproductiveperformance, serum metabolites and hormones in ewes July 2015
Effect of long-term or short-term supplementation of high energy orhigh energy-protein diets on ovarian follicles and blood metabolitesand hormones in ewes Fall 2015
Effects of heat shock during the early stage of oocyte maturation on the meiotic progression, subsequent embryonic development and gene expression in ovine June 2014
Antioxidant effects of clove bud (Syzygium aromaticum) extract used with different extenders on ram spermatozoa during cryopreservation December 2014
The effects of different levels of alfalfa meal on performance, rumne fermentation and development of newborn dairy calves Spring 2014
Effects of long period feeding pistachio by-product silage on chewing activity, nutrient digestibility and ruminal fermentationparameters of Holstein male calves Spring 2014
Determination of Nutritive Value of Unheated and Heat Processed Grass Pea Seed for Ruminants July 2013
Effect of some mineral-vitamin supplements on lactation performance and colostrum quality of high yielding Holstein cows during summer season Winter 2013
The effect of N fertilizer and polyethylene glycol on chemical composition and digestibility of safflower forage and silage November 2013
Effect of water delivery system and dill (Anethum graveolens) essence added to starter feed on weaning age, rumen fermentative condition and performance of Holstein calves March 2013
Effects of two halophytic plants (Kochia and Atriplex) on digestibility, fermentation and protein synthesis by ruminal microbes maintained in continuous culture May 2012
The use of fixed and random regression test day models in genetic analysis of daily milk yield of Mashhad’s Holstein cows June 2012
Production performance, egg quality and some serum metabolites of older commercial laying hens fed different levels of turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa) powder March 2012
Effect of steam- rolled barley grain on performance and weaning age of Holstein calves November 2012
Effects of feeding pistachio by-products silage on growth performance, serum metabolites and urine characteristics in Holstein male calves September 2012
Evaluation of Growth Parameters of Ross Broiler Chickens Fed with Different Levels of Raw or Heated Grass Pea Uusing Gompertz Model February 2011
Effect of sodium selenite and turmeric powder on thyroid hormones and plasma lipids of broiler chickens under heat stress condition January 2011
Effect of Kochia scoparia and Atriplex dimorphostegia on Blood Metabolites and Urine Parameters of Baloochi Ewes April 2010
Comparison Between Cattle Rruminal pH Determination Using Mobile Continuous Recording System and Regular Ruminal Spot Sampling February 2010
The Effect of Raw and Heated Grass Pea (Lathyrus sativus) Seed on Growth Performance and some Blood Metabolites of Broiler Chickens April 2010
The effect of vanilla flavoured calf starter on performance of Holstein calves June 2009
Comparison of Two Methods for Analyzing the Forages and By-products Neutral Detergent Fiber and Acid Detergent Fiber July 2009
Effect of Sodium Selenite and Turmeric Powder on Growth Performance,Carcass Quality and Blood Antioxidant Metabolites of Heat Stressed Broiler Chickens March 2009
Chemical composition, in situ ruminal degradability and post-ruminal disappearance of dry matter and crude protein from the halophytic plants Kochiascoparia, Atriplexdimorphostegia, Suaedaarcuata and Gamanthusgamacarpus June 2008
The voluntary feed intake, nutrient digestibility and ruminal permentatin of two halophyte forages (Kochia scoparia and Atriplex dimorphostegia) in Baluchee ewes Spring 2006
Effect of dietary berberis vulgaris fruit and enzyme on some blood parameters of laying hens fed wheat-soybean based diets April 2006
Effect of turmeric rhizome powder (curcuma longa) and soluble VSP degrading enzyme on some blood parameters of laying hens December 2006
Determination of chemical composition and degradability coefficients, ruminal-intestinal disappearance and digestion models of dry matter and protein species of halophytes (Kochia scoparia, Atriplex domorphostegia, suaeda arcuata and Gamanthus gamocarpus) July 2004
Effect of selenium and vitamin E supplementation on concentrations of selenium and immunoglobulins in colostrum and blood of Baluchi ewes and lambs, and lamb growth May 1996
Books Chapter
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Effect of different levels of raw and heated grass pea seed (Lathyrus sativus) on nutrient digestibility, intestinal villus morphology and growth performance of broiler chicks Spring 2015
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Animal Husbandry Spring 2011
Cattle and Sheep Housing and Equipments Principles of Design Fall 2011
Poultry Housing (Design & Construction) Spring 2010
Reproduction Techniques in Animal Fall 2008
Dairy Cattle Fertility Sterility June 1994

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