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Advanced Physiology of Digestive System

Advanced Physiology of Digestive System

3 Credits; Lecture based, Instructor: Dr. A. Riasi (email:

Students will be exposed to learn macroscopic and microscopic anatomy of ruminant’s digestive tract; salivation (receptors, salivary glands and control of salivation); mastication; rumen and reticulum properties (characteristics of the preruminant stomach, structure, development and control of forestomach motility, blood circulation, receptors, attempts to control ruminoreticulum fermentation, events associated with eructation, absorption, urea recycling); omasal motility, properties of abomasum (glands and secretions, abomsal motility), small intestine (wall layers, neuronal network, blood circulation, movements control, transport systems in the epithelia, entrogastric inhibitory reflex, discussion on recent original papers


Recommended Textbooks

Dock’s Physiology of Domestic Animals, W.O. Reece et al., Wiley Blackwell Publishing Co. 2015.

Ruminant Physiology, K. Sejrsen, T. Hvelplund and M. O. Nielsen, Wageningen Academic Pub., 2006

Ruminant Physiology, P. Cronjé, ‎E. A. Boomker, CABI Pub., 2000

Farm Animal Metabolism and Nutrition, J. P. Felix D'Mello, CABI Pub., 2000









The students need to know the basic information about anatomy and physiology of digestive system of monogastric and ruminant animals.


Grading Policy: 

The 60% of students' grades will be determined through the midterm and final exams.  

The 40% of students' grades will be determined through their class activity and doing term papers and presentation.



 Fall Semester

Spring Semester
Graduate (PhD)

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Advanced Physiology of Digestive System | Dr. Ahmad Riasi


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