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Effect of water delivery system and dill (Anethum graveolens) essence added to starter feed on weaning age, rumen fermentative condition and performance of Holstein calves

S.M.M. Seyedalmoosavi, A. Riasi, M.H. Fathi Nasri and H. Farhangfar

(Journal of Animal Science Researches. 23(1): 41-55)

Abstract (The full text in persian language)

This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of water delivery systems and dill (A. graveolens) essence on weaning age, rumen fermentative condition, performance and fecal score of Holstein calves. For these purpose 40 female calves allocated to 4 treatment and 10 replicate each. Water delivery systems were open bucket and nipple. Dill essence was added to starter feed with two levels (0 and 0.05%). The calves were monitored from 3 days age to 3 weeks after weaning. The data were analyzed using a completely randomized design with 2*2 factorial method. The results showed that water delivery system and dill essence reduced (P<0.05) feed intake during post weaning period. Nipple system increased but the essence decreased (P<0.05) daily water consumption. Dill essence increased (P<0.05) the average daily gain only during preweaning period and thereby it improved the calves performance during pre-and post weaning periods. Rumen fermentative condition and weaning age were not affected by the treatments. The fecal score relatively reduced (P<0.05) using nipple system and adding the essence to the starter feed of calves. It was concluded that nipple system and dill essence (0.05%) had beneficial effects on health of growing calves.

Key Words: Water delivery system, Herbal essence, performance, Holsteins calves

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