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Lactation Physiology

2 Credits; Lecture based, Instructor: A. Riasi (email:

Students will be exposed to know udder structure and its supportive system, interior anatomy of the mammary gland (mammary duct system, secretory tissue, components of a secretory epithelial cell, …), synthesis of milk precursors, de novo fatty acid synthesis in the mammary gland, milk fat depression, mammary blood and lymphatic networks, mammary nervous system, colostrums synthesis, galactopoeisis, physiology of mammary gland during the dry period, mammogenesis, recent advance in lactation and mammary physiology.


Students need to know general information about animal nutrition and animal physiology (especially dairy cows).

Grading Policy: 

The 75% of students' grades will be determined through the final exams.

The 25% of students' grades will be determined through their class activity and doing term papers and presentation.



Fall semester
Graduate (MSc)

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Lactation Physiology | Dr. Ahmad Riasi


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