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Nutrition and Reproduction Physiology

Nutrition and Reproduction Physiology

3 Credits; Lecture based, Instructor: A. Riasi (email:


 Students will be exposed to know mechanisms of reproductive processes with special emphasis on their interaction with the disciplines of nutrition; effect of nutrition on postpartum estrous cycles resumption and duration of estrus; nutritional management for successful reproduction; nutritional manipulation to increase energy intake; dietary protein and associated changes in ovarian follicular fluid.



Students need to know general information about animal nutrition and animal reproductive physiology.


Grading Policy: 

The 50% of students' grades will be determined through the midterm and final exams.  

The 50% of students' grades will be determined through their class activity and doing term papers and presentation.



Fall Semester 2017

Class # 1

Tuesday 13:30-15:30

Fall Semester
Graduate (PhD)

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