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Reproduction Techniques in Animals (3624476)

2 Credits;   Lecture based, Instructor: A. Riasi (email: and S. Abdollahzadeh. 

Students will be exposed to learn advanced aspect of artificial insemination (AI) in animals and domestic fowls, in vitro fertilization (IVF),  pregnancy diagnosis methods, sex control, cloning, production transgenic animal, using reproductive techniques in animal breeding programs, inhibition of reproduction methods.


Recommended Textbooks

Reproduction Techniques in Animal, by A. Riasi and H. Farhangfar, 2008 (Persian language).

Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (3th Edition), by D.K. Gardner et al., 2009.


The students need to know general information about farm animal reproduction

Grading Policy: 

The 60% of students' grades will be determined through the final exams (A combination of essay, short answer, multiple choice and comperhensive questions)  

The 40% of students' grades will be determined through their class activities and quizzes

Teacher Assistants: 

S. Abdollahzadeh


Wednesday, 13:30 -15:30, class # 9

Spring Semester

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی

Reproduction Techniques in Animals (3624476) | Dr. Ahmad Riasi


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